Important instructions for those wishing to enroll in higher studies

Very important instructions for those wishing to enroll in higher studies


The College announces the opening of admission to the Department of Graduate Studies (Fall) for the year 2018 in the system of credit hours (PhD - MA - Diploma) as of Sunday: 1/7/2018. Until Tuesday, 31/7/2018

The student's file is not accepted unless he successfully passed the foreign language certificate from the following centers:
Obtaining the AUEPT exam from the English Language Center at least 50% of the Faculty of Arts or Community Service Center in Smouha Ezbet Saad.
Or at the following levels 450 TOEFT PBT OR TOEFL ITP - or 5 degrees IELTS - or 45 degrees TOEFL IBT
Courses will be recorded (for students who meet the requirements of each program) as well as (students enrolled from previous classes) from Wednesday 1/8/2018 until Monday 20th/8/2018 Students will not be allowed to register courses after 20/8/2018

Students who have been accepted and registered courses according to the dates indicated above may delete and add to the courses until the end of the second week of the beginning of the study. For new students who apply for registration and who have an initial approval, their registration will not be accepted until all the required papers have been completed. Especially embassy letter and certificate equivalent.


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