Mission, Vision and Values


Faculty Vision:

The Faculty aim to act as leadership and prepare qualified leaders that are updated in line to outer digital world in different fields of the faculty: education, research, social services according to Local, regional instructions.

Faculty Mission:

The Faculty provide special educational programs in sports and physical education to prepare qualified scientific leaders that fit the physical education job market – sports training – recreation – sports management. The Faculty works on achieving the sustainable education, research and community development ambitions.

This mission and vision have been accredited by the faculty Council meeting number 4 dated 12/11/2018


The Strategic Targets for Alexandria Physical Education for Girls

The Faculty has to supply a highly qualified educational environment, its core is the students, staff member, associate authority, administrative structure for the benefits of highly qualified leaders that can be creative, innovative and special.

  • The Overall development for the post graduate system through developing methods and curriculum teaching. Supporting the talented and special researchers, staff members, researcher and scientific publishing locally and International.
  • 1) Improve Information and Communication that System in learning , training and scientific research.
  • 2) Develop Evaluation and Measurements systems as well the computerized educational process.
  • 3) Support and develop stuff members abilities, leaders and associate authority.
  • 4) Develop the unit with special impact to provide faculty self-Fund
  • 5) Support and develop financial sources and the infrastructure of the faculty.

Strategic Targets for under graduate education program:


  • Develop the quality of education process and its evaluation that cope the local , regional requirements of job market.
  • Renew education method within special technology field for students that upgrade their abilities to achieve sustainable self - learning .
  • 3) Strengthen ties and links between under graduate and various recruiters.

Strategic Targets of community service and environmental Development:

Develop the technology infrastructure for the unit it’s role in helping the community and developing the environment.

Marketing for the unit services to provide finance sources and self-Fund.

Design training program and administrative development for each of teaching staff members, associate organization, administrative organization, administrative leaders, students to develop skills creativity, innovative to fit the updated technology.

Strategic Targets of Financial and Administrative Fields

Develop the organizational chart, support qualified administrative and encourage to create in their work field.

Financial Mechanization in line with local and regional updates.

These Strategic Targets have been accredited by the Council’s meeting number 1 dated 19/8/2019

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