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FPEG Dean's Message
Prof.Dr.Swzan Mohamed Ezat

My greetings to all visitors to the website of the faculty and through this website I has pleasure to welcome my daughters in the their house - Faculty of Physical Education for Girls

This place embraces those flowers and provides them with science, knowledge and ethics in order to provide them with a proper upbringing scientifically, healthy, psychologically and socially

This faculty is unique among university faculties with an integrated role to prepare students socially, psychologically, healthy and professionallyand this is the true educational and learning mission that all divinely revealed religions urged and called for


Strategic goals of the Faculty:

In undergraduate level:

  1. Development of the educational process to keep pace with developments in the labor market and in accordance with academic standards.
  2. Provide learning environment for the actual practices of teaching and learning .
  3. Updating information systems and technology to develop the infrastructure of the faculty.
  4. Promoting competencies of faculty members in the design, management and follow-up education processes.
  5. Development of student activities and services provided to students and graduates.
  6. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of material resources from various sources to finance faculty needs
  7. Improving the evaluation systems of education effectiveness and evaluating and learning results for each program and updating assessment methods and examinations

In Graduate Studies and Research field:

  • First: Graduate Studies
    1. Provide learning environment for graduate studies and research to keep pace with modern scientific developments
    2. Encourage faculty alumni to join graduate studies to continue their study and learning after graduation
    3. Develop and modernize regulations and graduate programs
    4. Create research programs and projects in conjunction with distinguished centers inside and outside the university.
    5. Development of the financial resources for graduate studies and research in the faculty

  • Second: Researches and scientific production

    1. Development of researches and graduate studies
    2. Development of cooperation between the Faculty and the corresponding faculties of Physical Education in Arab and foreign countries in the field of Graduate Studies and Research
    3. Development of the specialized scientific magazine in the faculty
    4. Development of research capacity for faculty members and their assistants
    5. Involvement of scientific research in supporting and strengthening the educational process

In the field of Community Service and Environment Development

  1. Create and activate the close links between the faculty and internal and external community parties and provide necessary knowledge service
  2. Develop mechanisms for linking the unit of special nature with the internal and external community
  3. Development of mechanisms and interactive programs between the faculty and the internal and external community
  4. Developing the unit of special nature to become a key source of financial, practical and knowledge resources for the faculty

In financial and administrativefield

  1. Increase internal and external community satisfaction of dealing with the administrative and financial authorities in the faculty
  2. Computerization of financial and administrative systems altogether
  3. Development of the financial and administrative organizational structure of faculty

         Continuous development and rehabilitation for accreditation project

On 2nd of April 2008, the faculty received the project of continuous development and rehabilitation for accreditation, thanks to God Almighty and the effort of (top management - Quality Assurance Unit - faculty members - staff and employees - students). The project aims to raise the level of faculty students and improve their competence to be suitable to the requirements of the local labor market by achieving academic and institution quality with global competency and competitiveness, which qualifies the faculty for accreditation

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