The faculty has received increased attention and sustained efforts to consolidate "Quality" issue in all associated points in order to achieve the identified strategic goals in the faculty such as:

Developing the strategic thinking of faculty leaders, teaching staff, assistants and administrators so that student’s interests and the labor market needs become the main drive to allocate and invest resources and capacities.

Improving the quality of education process inputs to raise its performance and make use of.

Developing work systems and methods at the faculty to improve outcomes to cope up with beneficiaries’ expectation

     Educational process outputs became one of the most important strategic tools to achieve development goals with its comprehensive concept so that it requires providing quality requirements according to labor market needs locally, nationally and regionally.

Dealing with educational process at the faculty became at the basis of being productive process with economic nature and its success depends on building and rehabilitation of human resources so the faculty can develop its competitive abilities on the local and national level



Quality Assurance Unit Vision

The unit seeks to apply national standards in quality systems application.



Quality Assurance Unit Mission

Making the faculty has ability to meet the quality standards and requirements through spreading quality culture and leading and evaluating the continuous improvement process for performance according to specific and clear criteria.


Unit Objectives

The Unit aims to apply a comprehensive strategic plan with a specific objectives, and programs. This plan will help the faculty to develop education, research and administrative process in order to activate the faculty participation in development plan at the university and local community service through:

1.    The establishment of a special total evaluation system to ensure quality control in the education process in collaboration with scientific and administrative departments in the faculty.

2.    Developing systems, standards and different models compatible with the proposed evaluation methods from Quality Assurance and accreditation Center at the university to evaluate various activities.

3.    Providing advice to the scientific departments for planning and implementation of characterization forms and approving programs and courses in the faculty.

4.    Studying methods and patterns of assessment for students in the faculty and to express an opinion regarding how to develop it through special programs and supervise the implementation of these programs with in collaboration of faculty departments to achieve the intended objectives.

5.    Collecting, studying and analyzing results and stating negatives and positives and submitting final reports and making recommendations on the proposal of faculty performance development.

6.    Holding seminars and workshops Quality control and Quality assurance skills.

7.    Raising the efficiency of faculty members, assistants and employees in Quality Control and Quality Assurance skills.

8.    All employees of the faculty awareness of the importance of the application of continuous assessment.


Quality Assurance Unit origination

The faculty created the Quality Assurance Unit through Quality Assurance and Accreditation Project in Higher Education QAAP obtained in May 2005 and the unit was allocated at the scientific laboratory headquarters on 11/05/2005.

            Dr. Yasmin Albahar, Professor at the Department of Sport Training and Movement Science was appointed as Unit Director in the meeting of the Faculty Council, session number (14) on 14/6/2005. Unit Board of Directors was appointed in the meeting of Faculty Council, session number (1) on 8/8/2005.

            Administrative and financial regulations of the unit was approved  in the meeting of Faculty Council, session number (11) on 8/5/2006 and the establishment of the unit and its location was approved  during Faculty Council meeting, session no. (6) on 11/12/2006.

            Dr. Maha Mohamed Hassan ELsaghir was appointed as Executive Director of the Quality Assurance Unit in Faculty Council in its meeting no. (2) on 10/9/2007

Dr. Maha Mohamed Said Abdel Halim was appointed as Executive Director of the Quality Assurance Unit in Faculty Council in its meeting no. (1) on 11/8/2009


   Board of Directors of Quality Assurance Unit


Prof. Dr. Maha Mahmoud AminDean of the Faculty                                 
Prof. Dr. Donia Mohamed Adil Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. Dr.Samah Ahmed Salah eldin Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
Prof. Dr. Nevin Mamdouh Zidan Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
A.D.Hadeer Mustafa Mohamed Mahmoud Executive Director of Quality Assurance
Prof. Dr. Sahar Al-Sayed Abu Al-Ela Department of Educational, Psychological and Social Sciences
Dr. Samah Battuta Saleh Department of Sports Training and Movement Sciences (Member)
​Dr. Shaima Mohamed Ashour Department of Educational, Psychological and Social Sciences (Member)
Dr. Maryam Hanna Tadros Boutros Department of Educational, Psychological and Social Sciences (Member)
 Dr. Shaima Mohamed Abu Zaid Hamid Ashour (Member) Department of Sports Training and Movement Sciences
​Prof. Dr. Kamal Kamal Metwally Director of Quality Assurance Department at Alexandria University
Graduated from / Amal Abdel Halim Bachelor of Physical Education "Education Division"
Mrs. Samah Al-Sayed Qandil The unit's financial accountant
















 Quality Assurance Unit objectives

Set the mission, strategic objectives and strategic plan of the unit taking approval on it from the Faculty Council.

Develop organizational and administrative structure of the unit and taking approval on it from the Faculty Council.

Develop mechanisms to create an internal quality system in the faculty including academic and non-academic activities in all academic and administrative departments and taking approval on it from the Faculty Council.

Develop mechanisms to activate Internet auditing on academic and non-academic activities in the faculty and taking approval on it from the Faculty Council.

Support and follow-up faculty management to set a faculty mission and strategic objectives.

Follow-up academic activities, which include the development of academic standards and description of programs and courses and approving programs and courses and to make sure that the learning outcomes achieve the mission so that shall achieve the mission of the university and its strategic goals. As well as the commitment to required forms and exact timing.

Follow-up and review annual reports of the self-assessment of the faculty and its commitment to the required forms and exact timing.

Monitor evaluation systems of students and develop it to ensure awareness and training of teaching staff on updated and modern assessment methods (workshops).

Set a mechanism to combine students from different academic years and graduate students to the unit to participate in its activities.

Support and follow-up management of the faculty and the various departments in preparation for site visits and follow-up visits.

Develop an action plan for awareness campaigns concerning the dissemination of the culture of quality and changes and developments that have taken place on at the level of students and faculty members, employees and beneficiaries.

Follow-up the study in the faculty and various scientific departments regarding training needs of faculty members and employees in order to develop their abilities and also develop an action plan with training specialists from inside and outside the faculty and university.

Follow the nomination of the external evaluator for the academic program based on approved standards and review the reports issued by the faculty and the response and its impact on the educational process.

Follow-up quality assurance and sustainable development projects in the faculty with high standard performance and certified quality.


Policy of participation of all the faculty leaders of in supporting unit's activities

First: at the level of the faculty

Formation of two committees of experienced faculty members to work in the following committees: -

1. Measurement and Evaluation Committee to provide feedback to the departments after studying the results of examinations (the results of studies - Workshops and results of opinions survey of students - beneficiaries - administrators - faculty members)

2. A committee of auditors team to provide technical support and internal audit for departments of the faculty.

Second: the level of scientific departments

Participation of all faculty members in each department is divided in the following committees: -


1. Two committees of faculty members (department experts) as following: -

1. Measurement and Evaluation Committee to follow up exams result and its suitability to achieve the intended education outcomes of the programs.


2. A committee to review curriculum regarding:

§ The formulation of objectives of the courses.

§ Repetition in the formulation of educational outcomes.

§ Repetition in courses content.

§ Compatibility of the courses to achieve the intended results.

§ Appropriate courses to achieve the academic standards of the programs.

2. The formation of committees specialized in the curricula to follow the following:

·         Determine the educational targets of the course.

·         Appropriate content to achieve the objectives of the course.

·         Determine appropriate teaching methods.

·         Identify coordinator for each department to be responsible for contacting between the department and the unit.

·         Head of the department shall be responsible for following-up this mechanism in order to achieve quality requirements according to the specified stages of the project.

Third, at the administrative level:

·          Formation of a committee consists of Secretary of the faculty and heads of administrative departments to follow the quality requirements related to administrative work.

·          Hold a monthly meeting with Secretary of the faculty and each administrative department alone to pursue the quality system inside the administrative departments.

·          There is a documented and approved mechanism to discuss and study problems of the staff.

Committees of Quality Assurance Unit : -

-         Characterization and Approving Committee for the courses.

-         Characterization and Approving Committee for the program

-         Media and Advertising Committee  

-         Committee of measuring tools design and data collecting and analyzing.

-         Committee of workshops, lectures and seminars.

-         Committee for the preparation of the self annual report of the faculty.

-         Resource Development Committee.

-         Follow-up Committee.

-         Committee of Information and Communications Technology.

-         Curriculum Development Committee.

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