Corona Report

The People's Republic of China has announced the discovery of cases of severe pneumonia as a result of the new Corona virus, which is genetically similar to the SARS virus. Most reports indicated that the virus has the origin of a virus that infects bats and has acquired the ability to infect humans. After finding two viruses in bats, they carry many of the genetic traits of the human virus. While others saw that it came from snakes, some scientists have recently pointed the finger of the endangered scaly ant, whose scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine, as a possible source of the virus. Some researchers suggest that the corona strain that now infects humans may be caused by the mixing of two viruses, one that affects bats and the other that affects the scaly anteater. 17,000 people were infected in Wuhan, China, and the genes of most of the recent cases infected with the Corona virus were similar. The infection was caused by human-to-human transmission.

 There are international efforts to contain the threat of the virus that caused global panic recently. A number of researches have been published for the virus, which ranges from colds to acute respiratory symptoms. Symptoms of the disease include difficulty breathing, intense heat, and cough. The condition may develop into severe pneumonia, as well as to kidney failure and death.

The virus is diagnosed by serial polymers (PCR). The sample includes mucus collected from the patient's upper and lower airways. The reaction reagents have not yet been produced commercially, but are provided by the World Health Organization.

To prevent the virus, hands should be washed with soap and water, use alcohol to cleanse the hands, cover the face and nose with a handkerchief, use the elbow when sneezing, and avoid dealing with animals and avoid crowded places

There are accelerating scientific efforts around the world seeking to find an anti-virus vaccine

It is worth noting that there is an American patent that deals with the production of a weakened coronavirus, which can be used to produce an anti-virus vaccine.



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