Mission, Vision and Values

Faculty Vision

Faculty of Physical Education for girls commits to occupy a distinguished position among Faculties of Physical Education to provide graduates with outstanding knowledge and skills through providing academic programs and research activities and community service and able to compete in national and local level and this shall be through dissemination of quality culture and continues improvement of performance according to national standards to win the trust of the community


Faculty Mission

Faculty of Physical Education for girls commits to develop and qualify professionals in the fields of physical education and sport matching the needs and demands of job market and able to compete at local and international levels and keep up to date with scientific and technological advances and to activate scientific research to serve the community in the fields of (Physical Education -Training- Recreation- Sport Management)​​


The mechanisms used to evaluate efficiency of institutional management and the academic leaders

The Faculty Council approved the mechanisms used to evaluate efficiency of institutional management and the academic leaders and areas of making advantage of evaluation results.


    1.       Identify the institutional leaders to measure their performance: (Dean - Deputies - Heads of scientific departments – Faculty Secretary - Heads of administrative departments).
 Determine the assessment tools for evaluating the performance of each category of institutional leadership required measure their performance.


3.       Identifying persons who are competent for the implementation of the assessment and they are to be from the Quality Assurance Unit.

4.       Training the persons who are competent for the implementation of competency assessment for the selected leader on various assessment tools: (interview - documents review - survey).

5.       To follow up achievements of the implementation plan derived from the strategic plan through the academic year: (Monthly – Semi annual - Annual )

6.       Implementation of performance evaluation in the appropriate periods for each leadership.

7.       Evaluation results analysis.

8.       To Present the evaluation results to the concerned boards (Faculty Council - Department Board)

9.       Take corrective actions upon the results.

10.    Implementation of corrective actions by making the necessary changes.

11.    To present the evaluation results and corrective actions to the concerned faculty community.



Benefits of the evaluation results

    1.       Convert courses to electronic copy on CD
Update the Graduate regulation.
Establish a system for remote Graduate Studies.
Open the door for registration in open education system.
Expansion in the infrastructure of the faculty.
Renewing stadiums and halls with modern tools.
Renewing the library.
Subscription in the digital library.
Raising the environmental and health awareness among (faculty members and assistants – academic leaders - students - employees - administrators and civil society)
The development of practical education (internal and external ).

11.   Solving students' problems by the scientific leader, faculty complaints box and the interaction between faculty management and students.

12.   Improving the students' level

            Scientifically and theoretically stumbled students.

            Improve the level of faculty sports teams.

13.   Establish internal a system for quality.

14.   Automating the systems.

15.   Communication skills training.

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