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The College's family congratulates Prof. Dr. Magda El-Shazly, Professor of Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Physical Education and former Dean of the College for honoring the Prince Abdullah bin Saad bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud in Jeddah after presenting her seminar on managing the economy of knowledge and creati [ ... ]

Important announcementImportant announcement

  The researchers participating in the conference of the Faculty of Physical Education for Girls April 2017 delivery must Give thier presentation on CD   To doctor Maha osman                      

|first seminar|first seminar

The seminar will be held by  Antonio Robustelli sport performance manager Performance monitoring consultant. The title of the seminar Biometric periodization: a novel concept in training periodization based on use technologies for monitoring neuromuscular, biochemical and biomechanical parameters o [ ... ]


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